Am I really Ok?

People would ask me same question. I am so happy to know they are concern,yet at some point, I feel irritated because I don’t know how to answer the question when everyday you are dealing difficulties.


I am just so sad.. It’s hard to have a sickness..images

CHANGES I would bear….

(From my diary,dated February 5, 2015)
I hate to write this  but  I could not contain anything which entails emotional matter.

Just this year, I was diagnosed with mental and emotional depression. I didn’t know “who” or “what” makes me depressed. I begin to erase contacts in my phone, applications and disregarded my phones. I don’t even read or answer calls. I hate light and worse, I didn’t eat for two weeks. I was admitted in the hospital and my abdomen got so big like a 9 months pregnant tummy. They believed that I maybe bloated since I am on NGT feeding.I t hurts really. It’s uncomfortable to have a tube placed in your nose down to your stomach.

My friends visited me and they wonder why I won’t speak.I don’t know either.

Days after, my Doctor,suspects another so she let the RMT take a sample of my blood and send it to other hospital in the region.

Results came and sadly,I am positive to a test. I have SLE/ Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.

The changes have started…..




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